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To be a success your website needs visitors who are in the market for your goods or services. Our online marketing services increase website traffic.

Making the most of your website

Website Analysis

  • We study the figures to be sure we understand what is happening on your website. This data tells us how people are finding your site, which pages are most popular and how long each visit lasts. We’ll also tell you which areas of your site could do better.
  • Next, we’ll talk to you about profitability, margins and sale volume. We’ll get to grips with your targets and the product lines you want to promote most strongly, then tailor a plan for those specific needs.
  • The same data we collect on your website’s performance tells you how good a job we’re doing too. So we’re always accountable.


We’ll keep you up to date on the progress of your website marketing. We’ll explain our strategy at every stage and give you regular analysis reports showing the practical results.

Our website is our main marketing tool and effective optimisation is crucial. The Computer Works ensure we consistently perform well with search engines. We know our website is largely responsible for the growth and success of our company.”


Director of a light engineering company

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The Computer Works is a software development, online marketing and SEO consultancy based near Lewes. We work with small and medium-sized businesses in Brighton & Hove, Sussex, the South-East and throughout the UK.